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Video shows prisoner being brutally attacked inside Georgia prison

A video that purports to show a Georgia prisoner being brutally attacked inside a Georgia prison has yet again prompted furious calls for accountability.

The incident took place inside a cell block at Hancock State Prison, a closed- security prison in Sparta, Georgia.

The clip, apparently filmed by another prisoner, shows three other prisoners repeatedly stomping and assaulting another prisoner while he cries out in pain.

The video which was posted to the Human and Civil Rights Coalition of Georgia Facebook page and has since been shared multiple times has people asking when will enough finally be enough?

On September 14, 2021, the Department of Justice announced they will investigate whether the state provides “reasonable protection from physical harm at the hands of other prisoners.” More broadly, they will examine “conditions of confinement of prisoners” and determine whether Eighth Amendment violations have taken place.

The Eighth Amendment ban of cruel and unusual punishment grants rights including but not limited to being adequately protected from inmate-on-inmate and officer-on-inmate violence and being provided medically necessary treatments.

Access News 24 reached out to prison advocate and founder of They Have No Voice, Susan Sparks Burns for comment on the viral video.

“The video was sent to the girlfriend of a GDC prisoner at Hancock and described as a beating her boyfriend had. She sent it to his mother. Both the girl friend and mother also believe that it is the son. The mother sent it to a corrections advocate, along with the question, "what can I do?"

The mother asked her son about it, but he denies that it is him.” Said Sparks Burns.

According to multiple sources the video was also sent to Ahmed Holt, Clay Nix, Robert Toole, Stan Shepard, and Shay Hatcher, all cabinet officials inside of the Georgia Department of Corrections.

A spokeswoman for the Georgia Department of Corrections told Access News 24 it "is aware of the video and the incident is currently under investigation."

The Georgia Department of Corrections has made it their practice not to discuss or reveal their actions to those outside the GDC organization, under the guise of "state secrets".

This marked the latest in what prison advocates described as a pattern of abuses due to chronic staff shortages in Georgia prisons.

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