• Brian Randolph

NBA quarter season observations (Opinion)

Phoenix ain’t no fluke.

Warriors are a problem.

Covid is gonna mess up the playoffs.

Steph ain’t lost a step.

Mobley and Scottie Barnes are gonna be amazing.

The Cavs are the next Nuggets, but they’re the Cavs, so it’s 70/30 Dan Gilbert will fuck it up.

Harden is having trouble adjusting to the new foul rules, Trey Young isn’t.

Kemba Walker’s productive NBA days are most likely over (sad face).

Boston’s situation is not getting any better.

Minnesota has pieces, what they add up to, I’m not sure, but they have more than they have had in about a decade.

The Nuggets are cursed. Either bad luck or their sports medicine department is inept. I’m hoping for the first. And that Porter extension...whoa.

The Lakers, I feel like that neighbor who watched someone move his mistress in with him and his wife and thought that shit would work. “Really?”

A healthy Clippers feel like the ceiling that Boston could be, and Paul George has been amazing thus far.

Sacramento gonna Sacramento.

It must be tough to be an Orlando, OKC, or a Kings fan, there’s no direction or hope.

Hawks are weirdly inconsistent, not sure what it is, so many good pieces, almost too many. I feel like they’re built for better.

Hornets are fun as hell. Bulls too.

Why do the Pacers suck so bad?

The Mavs are kinda boring to watch this year, Jason Kidd hasn’t fucked it up too badly so far.

Bucks look bored, their season starts after the All-star break.

KD has a lot to carry in Brooklyn.

Heat and Jazz both make me think “They are who we thought they were”, and just check back come playoff time.

Lebron looks mortal, well in terms of health, the skill is there. AD has been ass this season compared to the skill he has as a player.

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